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We will assist anybody who wants to go to Japan or other country for student VISA & work Visa. Well-equipped team with up to date information on all procedures and requirements to ensure smooth processing of all documents and resultant processes. Enjoy the world with us.

We define our offering on the premises of a personalized service that matches your individual needs, unequivocal and friendly guidance from start to end.

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Student & Work VISA.
Student VISA


Travel, Student & Work VISA.
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Travel, Student & Work VISA.
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Work & Student VISA.
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Study Before You Fly Abroad 

Japan Language Course

Study Japan language now in Sri Lanka. Basic to advance Japan language. Contact us for schedule a time & location. Call or WhatsApp us.


English Language Course

English is the worldwide language. If you wish to fly Europe country this English course is priceless. Contact us for schedule a time & location. Call or WhatsApp us.


How Can I Apply VISA?

We are here to apply VISA for you. We offer our best service & arrange all documents as you wish. You can apply student & work VISA for Europe & other countries.  Especially we can send you to Japan for your higher studies. 

 First of all contact us for more info, if not you can visit our location. You can make a phone call or WhatsApp. Check our “About Us” page or click the “Need Help Red Color” button on the left corner. We will assist you to get better idea. Fly to your dream country as you wish, we are here to give our hand for you. Contact us right now!

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24/7 Support
Had an amazing experience in Rumania and I plan to take my family on the same trip with Gateway Japan. I would recommend to anyone that is physically able.
Kavishka Fernendo
I had excellent customer service and was especially grateful for the way my Gatway Japan Company's agent really listened to what I wanted ... and delivered!
Amila Gunawardhana
Gateway Japan is the perfect place if you are willing to study in Rumania. Their service is excellent . Special thnks to Mr.Ranjith.
Alice Miles
Dilantha Rajapaksha
Dilantha Rajapaksha
Read More
Highly recomended ..One of the best and genuine education consultants in srilanka.Thank you Mr.Ranjith for your support and i was able to get my visa within 2days . The service of Gateway Japan company education is speechless .Thank you.
Roshan Chathura
Roshan Chathura
Read More
They do their work to the point and it will be success. The best place to apply student visa in Sri Lanka is Gateway Japan company. Thank you so much Mr.Ranjith to help us to fulfill our dream.
Shanaka Rajanayaka
Shanaka Rajanayaka
Read More
Thank you very much for the excellent service. I am grateful for my counselor Mr.Ranjith guiding me from the beginning until I receive my student visa to study in University Japan. I would highly recommend Gateway Japan company for anyone looking to study in Japan
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